Water Dispensers for Public Spaces

Water dispensers for public spaces are designed to provide easy access to clean and safe drinking water for people in various communal environments. These dispensers are commonly found in places like parks, schools, gyms, airports, malls and other public areas.

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River is an innovative drinking fountain designed for public venues like offices, schools, and shopping centers. It ensures constant quality with minimal maintenance, offering cold and fresh water. The dispenser features an innovative ice bank cooling system, and versatile tap options.

Special Features:
  • Innovative ice bank cooling system
  • Various tap options for direct or cup drinking
  • Durable and reliable floor-standing model
  • Suitable for public venues

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River Up

River UP is a wall-mounted water dispenser that combines convenience and compactness. It's suitable for public environments like waiting rooms, schools, and shopping centers. The dispenser offers fresh water with various tap options and a pre-filled ice bank for efficient cooling. Its wall-mounted design saves space while ensuring constant access to fresh water.

Special Features:
  • Wall-mounted water dispenser
  • Various tap options
  • Pre-filles ice bank for efficient cooling
  • Suitable for public environments with limited space.

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The QUASAR VersaFiller PWEBQY is an electronic (touch-free) retrofit bottle filler with a 30-second shut-off timer, designed for surface mount installation. It features UVC-LED treatment for water disinfection during dispensing and utilizes Freshield technology for antimicrobial protection. Suitable for public spaces like offices, hospitals, and gyms.

Special Features:
  • UVC-LED treatment: Disinfects water during dispensing and maintains a sanitized dispense point
  • Freshfield technology: Contains an antimicrobial compound to prevent surface deterioration
  • Wall-mounted water dispenser
  • Provides ambient water
  • Suitable for various public spaces

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This solution offers a drinking fountain and bottle filler equipped with sensors for hands-free operation, reducing the need for surface contact. These products create safer, hygienic spaces by minimizing potential touchpoints for harmful pathogens.

Technical Features:

VersaFiller Hydration Station Combo:

  • Combines VersaFiller Bottle Filler and Versacooler Drinking Fountain.
  • Model: VersaFiller PEBFTY - Contactless Surface Mount bottle filler with non-refrigerated Contactless VersaCooler Drinking Fountain.
  • Touchless activation with a 30-second shut-off timer.
  • Freshield® technology with silver-based antimicrobial compound.
  • Splash-preventing basin design.
  • Cabinet finish: Brushed stainless steel.
  • Compliant with ANSI A117.1, ADA, CE directives (LVD, EMC, RoHS), ANSI/NSF 61.
  • Ideal for public buildings, gyms, sports complexes, hospitals, schools, and offices.

Standard Features: Contactless (Hands-Free) Surface Mount Retrofit Bottle Filler:

  • Hands-free activation with automatic shut-off.
  • Built-in bottle counter, filter monitor, and programmable time-out.
  • Accommodates most sports bottles.
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting.
  • Built-in drain for hassle-free maintenance.

Contactless (Hands-Free) Drinking Fountain:

  • Stainless steel top with splash-preventing basin.
  • Water-saving bubbler reduces wastewater.
  • Antimicrobial flexible bubbler guard.
  • External stream height adjustment.
  • Sturdy galvanized steel frame.
  • Standard finish: Brushed stainless steel.
  • Built-in 100-micron strainer.
  • ADA compliant for all ages.
  • Lead-free waterways for safety.

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The AquaPointe Bottle Filling Station is ideal for high-traffic areas, offering contactless, touch-free activation to prevent cross-contamination. Designed for urban settings, it features a sloped top to deter trash placement and a durable powder-coat steel finish. The unit can be wall-mounted to save space and is easily serviceable with top and bottom access doors for filters, electronics, and the chiller.

Special Features:
  • provides chilled and ambient water
  • Wall-mounted design
  • Contacteless (touch-free) activation with a shut-off timer
  • Built-in bottle counter, filter monitor, and programmable time-out
  • 100-micron stainer prevents particles from entering the waterway
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • (Option) Non-refrigerated model available


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City Indoor

The City Indoor fountain is an indoor version of our public fountain, offering a combination of functionality and innovative design. It dispenses still and sparkling water in nearly unlimited quantities through a low-voltage electric button. This fountain allows for both free and paid water distribution with various payment methods, including payment cards. It is designed to withstand vandalism, with no easily damaged parts. Additionally, a 19-inch LCD screen enables communications and advertising, turning the fountain into a marketing tool. The filtration system, approved by the Italian Ministry of Health, ensures water safety and quality through a UV lamp and a counter for distributed liters. The fountain can be combined with the 150 l/h or 280 l/h Box, allowing you to choose the solution that best suits your customers' needs.

Special Features:
  • Dispensing of cold, flat and sparkling water
  • Various payment options, including cards
  • Vendalism-resistant design
  • 19'' LCD screen for communication and advertising
  • Compatibility with the 150l/h or 280 l/h box

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City 1.0

The City 1.0 is a high-end water fountain by Blupura designed for outdoor use. It offers cold, flat, or sparkling water through a low-voltage electric button. This fountain is suitable for free distribution or coin/card payment methods and is designed to be vandal-proof. It comes with features such as a protective canopy, anti-freeze insulation, bottle shelf, night lighting, and a 19" LCD screen for information or advertising. It includes a filtration system approved by the Italian Ministry of Health, including a UVC lamp and a water metering system. The City 1.0 is available in two models with water flow rates of 150 l/h or 280 l/h and is compatible with various payment systems.

Special Features:
  • Dispensing cold, flat and sparkling water
  • Various payment options, including cards
  • Vendalism-restistant design
  • 19'' LCD screen for information or advertising
  • Compatibility with the 150l/h or 280l/h box

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   Quality Water & Hydration

Proper hydration is not just beneficial - it's essential for our bodies to operate optimally. Our mission is to champion healthier lifestyle through constant hydration in a sustainable way. To achieve this, we emphasize the unparalleled quality of our water, partnering with leading brands renowned for advanaced filtration and sanitisation. Our aspiration? To deliver the purest water experience to you.


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